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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Hits Game Winner To Put Denver Up 3-0! What A Shot!! He's Clutch!!

Melo actually avoided most of that contact. I know that the Mavs had a foul to give, I know that the foul probably should have been called anyway, but Wright really should have wrapped him up instead of just bumping him.

And you have to consider that if Melo hadn't hit that shot, the lack of a foul call would have meant the clock would have kept running, the game would have been over, and the Nuggets would have lost. The Nuggets would be the ones *****ing about the foul-to-give not being called.

And really the odds were hugely against Melo hitting that shot in that situation.

So the no call could have very easily favored the Mavs, but Melo hit an incredible shot after the whistle was NOT blown. Deal with it.

Also, did anyone else see Mark Cuban shove a cameraman out of the way on the court? What a tool.
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