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Default Re: Knicks PROMISE Curry: "We want you!"

Originally Posted by wang4three
Come on now, Curry isn't as bad as people are putting him out to be. He'll be a fine player in D'Antoni's system. If D'Antoni could turn Barbosa, a guy who has virtually no point guard skills into the 6th man of the year, he shouldn't have problems with making Curry a serviceable player.
There's noticeable athleticism separating Barbosa and Curry, though. Not to say that should be a sticking point, but Barbosa has been as good as he is because he's fast and good at playing the passing lanes. For whatever reason, Curry just strikes me as a weak player when I think in terms of the NBA. I think that tournament run in '08 did wonders for his draft stock, but in the end, will earn him the label of "bust". Especially if the Knicks take him in the top 8.

I'm not really concerned about his ability to play point guard because too many guys have come in and shown that undersized shooter/scoring guards and be successful in the NBA. The only thing about that is that I would feel more comfortable if Curry had more explosiveness and strength.
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