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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Hits Game Winner To Put Denver Up 3-0! What A Shot!! He's Clutch!

Originally Posted by krohm
the campaign for the nuggets in the finals.. whats difficult to understand.
ur clearly one of the idiots i was referring to earlier.

the shot was a no shot cause he was fouled. and if u actually think its just a matter of a normal foul. ur also an idiot. it was a game winning play and the ref didnt call the foul when in the video he even watches the foul being committed. it was fcking bs. how can you not understand this. no no, divert your attention to carmelo being a clutch player. WOOO WOOO GO CARMELO!

ps: carmelos a gun, hope he picks his game up in the following games and series
I guarantee you can't make that shot.
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