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Default Future of the Hawks

We had a good season but now its going to be crunch time this off season.

The Hawks have to decide whether to re-sign Mike Bibby, Marvin Williams, Zaza, Mario West, Soloman Jones, Thomas Gardner, and Flip Murray.

Seccond, the TNT crew brought up this point, who is the face of the franchise Joe Johnson or Josh Smith?

It seems like Joe gets to where he is missing and doesn't put the team on his back. Josh Smith has times where he is immature but he is growing.

The team has players that really play the same position and are just jumpshooters. The only slasher we have is Flip Murray.

We still need a true center. Hopefully the Hawks can get Chris Kaman from the Clips.

I think if the Haws re-sign Marvin Williams that the Hawks should trade Josh Smith because they play the same position but Marvin is a better shooter.

If the Marvin doesn't re-sign with the Hawks, the Hawks should do a sign and trade to get some value back and that way Josh Smith can slide back at his true spot at SF and put Al Horford at PF.

Man, its just some much the Hawks got to decide on.

Also, Joe Johnson is a free agent next year and the Cavs and Knicks have some interest in him.

So should the Hawks rebuild around Josh or Joe?

Just so many questions.

What do y'all think?
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