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Default Re: Round 2: Denver Nuggets VS Dallas Mavericks

^^Not yet. Tough loss for sure tonight. Felt that Denver had many opportunities to close the game out in the 4th, just could not get stops when needed. This loss and some of the calls throughout the game was expected. Overall not too disappointed, aside from how JR played early on in the 4th. The team desperately needed an offensive spark, but he looked too damn passive. With the clock winding down, he would dribble, dribble, dribble, then turn it over or dribble dribble dribble, pass. I kept saying to myself, just shoot the damn ball already. It's obvious that Barea is a mismatch, so why not take advantage of it early on? He did make couple of insane shots at the buzzer in the 4th, but again, we needed his hot hands early on when Denver went on that shooting drought. I hope he does a better job of exploiting the mismatches next game...he could've had 30+ pts tonight and perhaps the final outcome would've looked a lot different too.
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