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Default Re: May 11: Cavaliers at Hawks Cavaliers, Game 4 (Round 2)

Terrible series for the Hawks, but overall a terrific season for the Hawks.

Won most games in 10 years and got into the second round of the playoffs.

Now the big questions arise:

1. Keeping Zaza.
2. Keeping Bibby.
3. What to do with Marvin.
4. Keeping Flip.
5. What to do with Law.
6. What to do with Speedy Claxton's contract.
7. What to do about getting another big and a reserve shooter.

Hopefully we can:

1. Keep Bibby at say 4 years, 36 million.
2. Re-sign Zaza to MLE style contract.
3. Keep Flip at MLE style contract.
4. Buy out Speedy and use that money elsewhere.
5. Sign another small forward (Hedo) and let Marvin go.
6. Sign Shelden Williams as a backup big at low end contract.
7. Draft a shooter.
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