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Default Re: My Mock Offseason

Originally Posted by Buffalobraves
The final roster for the 2009-10 season would look like this:


I'm don't know a few of the undrafted players you mentioned. If I was Presti, this is what I would do:

Players to get rid of: Atkins, Rose, Mason, Swift, Wilkins

Trade D.J. White, Earl Watson, and our 3rd to 5th overall pick to Golden State, for Turiaf, Azuibuke, and their overall 7th pick (Jennings, DeRozan, or Curry). This is a likely trade since they would get a better choice out of this draft, some cap space for the summer of 2010, and a player with potential with White. This trade will give the Thunder the shot blocking defensive player that they cannot get in the draft, a good perimeter shooter SG, and a chance to improve our depth at the point. Let's say we get Jennings.

For the 25th pick draft Jarvis Varnado. He is a bit risky, but he is an athletic 6'9 PF with a 7'4 wingspan that averages well over 4 blocks per game.

Ibaka is more of a PF, and we are pretty deep at the 4 already. Depending on how Ibaka does during the Summer League, the Thunder should offer him a contract. I can see Ibaka and Varnado both spending a little time in the d-league.

Sign either Marcin Gortat, Chris Andersen, or Joel Anthony. Let say Gortat agrees to an offer that Orlando can't match.

This is how the 09-10 Thunder roster would look:

Westbrook / Livingston / Jennings (Weaver)
Sefalosha / Azuibuke / Weaver (Westbrook / Livingston)
Durant (Green / Sefalosha)
Green / Turiaf / Collison / Varnado / Ibaka
Krstic / Gortat (Turiaf / Collison)
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