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Originally Posted by asd
-does having a new ball affect you being a fan of the NBA? do you say, "damn that new ball! I just want to stop watching now!"

Watching low percentage games sucks

Time out lengths created to suit advertisement breaks
-more money for the nba, and Stern should be fired because the NBA earns more money?

No, Stern should try and keep the game flowing for purists. I usually tape games, hide fro many source of score update, and watch the game fast forwarding ads.

Strict technicals for even rolling your eyes at a referee
-Again, are you, now, not a fan of the NBA because of this rule?

Again it does deter me fro mwatching games. Having the best players ejected for rolling their eyes is stupid.

Dress code
and again!

You are an idiot. I never argued that Stern would make me stop watching NBA, I'm a basketball fan, but he is taking the enjoyment out of the game, and trying to really leave his mark.
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