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I don't know if you read the other guy's earlier post, but the NBA was losing money and going broke when Stern became commissioner of the NBA. Like I said earlier, Stern was a primary reason behind the NBA's financial success. Therefore, all that writing that you just did to prove your point is void.

Giving David Stern credit for saving the league because he was the commish during the media boom of the 80s and 90s is like giving Roosevelt full credit for ending the great depression. Or giving a movie studio president credit for the SciFi movie explosion because his studio helped make Star Wars.

Youre taking the work of thousands of players and people who created the media age and disregarding them for the sake of David Stern because hteir actions changed modern sports. David Stern cant be given credit for more NBA coverage when networks to cover it as they do now didnt EXIST before him. He cant be given credit for players making money when they made more than anyone in the 70s before him. He cant be given credit for being in charge when Magic, Bird, and MJ came along. He cant be given credit for nike spending billions to shove players images down our throats to sell shoes.

David Stern saving the NBA is a belief that comes from numbers with no consideration being given to the situation that created them.
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