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Originally Posted by asd
You just made that last part up. was the 90's version of YouTube., which can no longer be found, was sold for $5.7 Bil. YouTube was sold for $1.65 Bil. Yahoo could have purchased multiple Youtubes with that money. In fact, Cuban is envy with green over the success of Youtube, especially because of the failure of If you don't believe me, check out his blog at Youtube is the only thing he talks about these days.

Again, did not fail. Your understanding is faulty. essensially became or rather, Yahoo! Launch. Moreover, Launch has been very successful for Yahoo and is projected to continue to be successful, meaning that the aquisition of was beneficial for Yahoo.

I don't think that Cuban is "green with envy," and he's certainly not "envy with green." As you yourself have admitted, YouTube sold for 1.65 billion... sold for much more... If Cuban could do it all over and had a choice between the two, I'd think he'd pick his original company and the deal with Yahoo.
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