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Default Re: Round 2: Denver Nuggets VS Dallas Mavericks

Damn, before the season even started, most were doubting we'd even make the playoffs and it looked to be true after starting the season 1-3. Then the trade happened, and little by little, this team started improving each game under the leadership of Chauncey. I never expected Denver to be the 2nd seed in the West as well, hell who at that time did(meaning at the start of the season)? I thought we'd be lucky to snatch up the 7th spot tbh. And after all those 1st round exits, I was still skeptical that we'd make it out of the 1st round this year. They/Denver(we?) sure proved me wrong. I'm not going to say I like our chances going up against the Lakers in the WC finals, but whatever happens happens. Win or lose, this year has been a lot of fun, which I'm grateful for.
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