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Default Re: Chad Ford Article on Blake Griffin RE: Pre-Draft Workout

I don't think position is as important in the NBA anymore. If guys like Thaddeus Young and Jeff Green can play PF, then so can Griffin. Griffin can play SF if the team has a good PF in place. Griffin is just a forward and a lot of great players can't be boxed into one position anymore. I think it is a good thing because you can put some different guys around them to mix things up and take advantage of their talents.

I don't understand why this article is so surprising, though. In college he often took the ball the length of the court and he hit a lot of jumpers. He has always been versatile and can do a lot of things pretty well.

The thing that I find most important is that he has gotten in great shape. He is a great athlete anyway and is strong, but I never thought he was ready for a full 82 game season, especially the way he plays. If he can get into better shape, he is going to be much more ready to step in and play right away.
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