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Default Re: Hint:NBA Rigging Lottery To Give Knicks #1 Pick

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
I think we'll find out pretty quickly that Rubio can't keep an average starting point guard in front of him, and will be a horrible defensive liability. He might be a fancy passer, but his quickness and ability to get off his shot are open questions.

You obviously know nothing because Ricky Rubio is one if not the best defender in Spain, he gets into the passing lanes with ease and keeps his man in front of him.

Trust me, it won't take more than a year to come to a conclusion about Rubio.
It will still take 3 years, 1 year to determine an opinion a player as being a Bust is not enough time.

Each team will give a player maybe 3 years or so to see how good they really are btw.
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