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Default Re: Hint:NBA Rigging Lottery To Give Knicks #1 Pick

Originally Posted by Valliant13
Though it seems a little far fetched, the lottery process has been weird enough the past few years it wouldn't shock me if something was up.

That said: if the Knicks get the first pick they selecting Blake like everyone else. They might trade him for Rubio and parts, but Griffin is clearly the highest value target by a wide margin.
Griffin is the highest value right now but that margin will become slimmer after workouts, if he literally dominates everything & everyone during his workouts he will go #1 without any questions or trades suggested.

Chances are more favorable that the margin will be much slimmer or non existent by June 26th.

And for those predicting that Rubio will be some Eurobust scrub: watch him play. The fact that people are comparing him to J.J. and Pistol Pete show me they know nothing about him: shooting is the weakest part of his game. He actually reminds me more of Gary Payton than anyone (minus the post game).
Amazing instincts, Defense, court awareness, and ability to dictate tempo. And he is far from physical maturity.
Most claim shooting is the weakest part of his game due to his set shot but in the European Leagues the PG isn't designated to really shoot at all, most of the time the PG will run the offense and if a shot is open he may or may not take it.
Jose Calderon was considered to be a poor shooter also due to him not taking many outside shots while in Europe, but that has been proven wrong in the NBA.

I suspect he will struggle his first 2-3 years while his body fills out, and he figures out how to get his shot off against NBA caliber athletes, but he will be a excellent point in this league.
I don't think getting his shot off will be a problem in the NBA, he still is taller than most PG's and I doubt he will be the type of PG to pull up and shoot a contested jumper in someone's face like a lot of American PG's do.
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