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yeah wtf. some european people have an american complex they are dealing with. people are people pretty much wherever you go. I've lived in Europe and there are dumb people, ghettos, and dumb movies there too. And 90% of the movies were made in America that release in the rest of the world so they are made for that audience too dumbass.

Whats up with people calling Americans ignorant while making arrogant generalizations themselves?
why dont you spend 5 or 10 years in our country before you make a judgement. thanks for basing your judgment about an entire country of 300 million people on a fricken random internet post buddy.

telling americans that they dont know anything just because they are americans or should go eat a few more cheeseburgers is just as nationalistic and rascist as the alleged attitude of the people you're directing your hate against.

Originally Posted by Definition of Arrogant
1. making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights

now where have we seen that on this thread?
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