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Default Re: May 13: Mavericks at Nuggets Game 5 (Round 2)

Originally Posted by BirdNasty

Then you'd be wrong.

Look at the stats. You threw everything you could at Dirk and couldnt stop him. Dirk was the main reason why the mavericks were ever in it. Melo had teammates that were actually good and could get points and free throws.

They didn't really throw everything at Dirk. They single covered him and switched every p & r and some players like Dirk/Melo just can't be single covered. We went as far as to let Dirk back down the likes of DJ or Billups all the way under the basket and didn't send help. I think it hurt our defense a bit, but the gameplan was to make him work for everything and not let any other teammates go off, and our firepower would win in the end.

But can't deny that Dirk definitely did his job
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