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Originally Posted by MaxFly
Not at all. Again, please do not distort my arguments. You've already done so once, saying that I support Cuban for commisioner. The point I made was that while youtube was successful in attracting users and has indeed taken over the marketshare for online video, they had no business plan other than to be bought. I didn't add this in my initial post, but by 1999, was bringing in close to 100 million annually. Cuban obviously had a business plan. My point is that in the end, Cuban did better than those who developed youtube even though their express purpose was to be bought and his wasn't... there is no reason for him to be envious... he has his money and he didn't spend nearly as much as youtube in venture capital... In fact, he made money before his company was bought.

you must be tired. go to sleep. i never said that cuban didn't rake in money. cuban made the majority of his money by selling a product that turned out to be a bust. it's simple as that. the reason why we've been arguing all this while.

before the sale, cuban was making millions. after the sale, he made billions. big difference.

It wasn't a fair exchange. $5Bil. for a bust. Cuban got lucky, and Yahoo got the short end of the stick.

If you want to make up some numbers on how Yahoo made great profits through Broadcast, because that's what you'd have to do to disprove me, go ahead.
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