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Default Re: Bring On The Fakers

Originally Posted by SoCalMike
Firstly, the Lakers are not even on to the 3rd round yet... hopefully they will prevail tomorrow, but they have not been playing well. The Nuggs are going in a different direction and appear to be playing really good ball.

As for your comment about the Laker forum, you are welcome to participate in there. But trolling is not tolerated. Not sure why you don't understand that, but it is the way we run that forum. It is the third busiest forum on the ISH site, and people get along pretty well.

Good luck to the Nuggets... I hope the Lakers will play them so we can see who's the better team.

Well since i now am the home team. You still are the FAKERS. With a great player BUT a coach who is like a ostridge. When things go wrong hides his head in the sand
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