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Default Re: Most 2009 NBA draft prospects are scrubs...

Originally Posted by blazerjimmy
I like Curry, and going to a smaller school has allowed him to stand out a bit more, but am I the only one having flashbacks to Trajan Langdon??? Perhaps a bit more athletic, but that's who Curry reminds me of.

Thabeet the next Tyson Chandler??? If Thabeet can be the player that Chandler is, at 7'3 and 30 pounds heavier than Chandler, then I would definetley want him on my team!!!

I've been reading about Rubio for years, but I simply haven't seen enough of him on the court.

I agree with GiveItToBurrito that Jennings' year in Italy has probably helped him mature - probably even more so than a freshman year of college where he would've been the BMOC would have been. The next Telfair??? OUCH!!!

Curry is similar to Langdon... the difference is, he can pass the ball... Langdon could not. Langdon could never convert his game to the PG position, and the league back then was not kind to tweeners when you had such dominant big men @ 7'0+ still in the NBA and more physical guards. It also didn't help that that Cavs team really sucked, and he was expected to be a key scoring option 6th man while they were rebuilding.

Curry will be a solid complimentary player in a few years... although I don't think he will shine as a ROY candidate.

And Chandler is a very solid center... but even in hindsight... you must admit, he was a complete was of a 2nd pick when there were 'franchise players' available after him. But I guess with this being such a shallow draft pool, you can't really argue with Thabeet going to a top 3 pick. There's not much else worth it.

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