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Large words from a guy that repeatedly said he doesn't watch college ball. Aldridge has some post moves, but is a bit of weakling in the post.
You're a prick. You just repeated every single thing I said, practically verbatim, yet you're saying I don't know what I'm talking about.

I've watched Aldridge, ok? And I watch some college ball. How can you not watch ANY college ball? don't be a moron. you take every self-depricating thing I say literally and everything else you ignore altogether.

Has post moves. But is a wuss. What is there to debate about? He has skill but doesn't know how to use it. Better than the rest of the league, that doesn't have the skill to begin with.

I don't thing this guy is going to be even JO level but he has a passable body and post moves. How bad can he be? LA Kwame at his best with a hook shot is his floor. JO is his ceiling. He's still better than most if not all of this allstar-less draft.
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