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Originally Posted by ClutchCityReturns
Unfortunately (or hopefully fortunately), Ronnie Brewer came in as the 2nd best ranked athlete at the combine. I'm not sure who was #1, as the list I saw was only of big name draftees. The top guy must have been a second rounder like James White, possibily.

Brewer had a 41" vertical, second only to Jordan Farmar at 42" (I know...WTF, right?). He benched 185lbs 19 times, which was second only to Shelden Williams with 25. He was middle of the pack in lane agility, and was 2nd in the sprint (3.14) to the speed demon Rodney Carney (3.06).

All in all he really kicked some ass, but that may not be a good thing if his stock moves up considerably. I'm starting to get worried that he won't be there at 8
James White wasn't at the combine. On ESPN Insider he was on the list of prospects that either weren't invited or couldn't make it. It's too bad. I would've liked to see what his vertical is.

J.P. Batista and Kenny Adeleke beat out Shelden on the bench perss with 26 reps each. Brewer's vertical and 16 rep bench press are very impressive. I bet Farmar worked his ass off to get that 42 inch vertical. He measured in at 4 percent bodyfat. Not saying he was fat at all before but he probably lost some fat and trained like an animal.

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