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Default Re: Most 2009 NBA draft prospects are scrubs...

Originally Posted by G-train
What are you trying to prove with that comment?
Stromile Swift is also one of the most athletic forwards ever, as is Tyrus Thomas, as is Darvin Ham.

Griffin will be a Kenyon Martin type in the league, which is pretty darn good - especially if he didnt get injured.

Curry's career will be determined by his speed and defensive abilities. I'm leaning towards a Michael Adams type career.

I love the big fella Thabeet. Although he desperately needs to become more powerful around the basket. Give him 3 years of strengthening and he will be fine.

If I was Rubio, I would stay in Europe and enjoy my life.

I agree about Griffin. He will be a good player, but not a 'great' player. I don't forsee more than 3 of these guys being a main franchise piece...

Thabeet can be good... but after looking at all the past top 7'0"+ draft picks that were heavily hyped out of college... from the Olawakandis down to the Currys... I'm just not optimistic that he will really push himself to that next level like Howard did.

And I also agree that Rubio will find he enjoyed euro ball much better similar to Darko Milicic, and will be longing to play again as soon as his rookie contract is up.
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