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Default Re: Put the draftees in these groups

I'm an "expert" on:
Nick Calathes
Tyrese Rice
AD Vassalo
Aj Abrams
Danny Green

I admit I know little about:
Taj Gibson
Jordan Hill
Tyreke Evans
Eric Maynor
DaJuan Summers

I'd be satisfied if (the Celtics) drafted because they will be good/fit a team need: (We only have a 2nd round pick)
Jack McClinton
Danny Green
Jon Brockman
Josh Heytvelt
Tyrese Rice

I'd be pissed if (Celtics) drafted because I don't believe in their NBA potential:
As long as we don't take a guy from overseas I'm good.

I wish my team had room for (blank), they'll be good:

Demare Carroll

I can't make up my mind how (blank) will do in the NBA:

Wayne Ellington
Damion James
Johnny Flynn
Hasheem Thabeet
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