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I've gone from absolutely hating the idea of drafting Bargnani to him being maybe my top choice. I was really pro-Aldridge at first, but this news coming out about his athleticism has got me wondering. I know he can improve on it but I thought he was already on a high level of athleticism. Adam Morrison continues to impress me, and there aren't any really negatives about him besides his defense, and it recent workouts Brandon Roy has said that he was a better defender than he ever thought, real scrappy. Rudy Gay is full of potential and is very athletic, and he's improving his offensive game at a high pace apparently. I was stuck choosing between those 3, but I'm getting a lot more info on Bargnani lately, he's almost 2 inches taller than i thought he was and about 25 pounds heavier than I thought, he's playing really well in a very competitive league in Europe, and scouts from all sorts of teams and and websites are claiming that he is the real deal. So as of now I guess I have 11 days to figure out who I want the newest Raptor to be, it won't be easy.
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