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Default Re: NBA heights: Griffin's size isn't in question anymore...

6`9 is just above the average PF average height of Today 6`8

Back in the 80s and 90s

Classical PF:

*Bob Petit the 1st Pure PF

6`8 and 6`9 Stocky Strong Built PFs (when contact and strength was allowed) where the common:

Buck Williams, Terry Cummings, Michael Cage, Otis Thorpe, Charles Oakley, Ac Green, Karl Malone, Rick Mahorn, Tyrone Hill...the typical PF

*Carlos Boozer is very much one of those classic types...

Running PFs

James Worthy
Larry Nance
Ralph Sampson
Charles Barkley
Karl Malone


*Elvin Hayes probably FC

There was also space for 6`10-6`11 ft Leaner Long Wing Spamed Shot Blocking PFs

Kevin McHale, Roy Tarpley, Dale Davis, Danny Manning, Dale Davis, Vin Baker, Tom Gugliotta (had some SF Game!), Chris Gatling

There was also space for the...



Who by nature have a Cs Game and Height but can play or resemble PFs do their Skilled Post Games and SHooting Touch.

7`0 Jack Sickma, 7`0 Kevin Willis, even 6`11 1/2 Patrick Ewing and 6`10 1/2 Hakeem Olajuwon.

* 6`11 3/4 Tim Dunncan is the Last of that Kind

*Most Where Moved to PF because of the addition of another C


Then we also have the Freaks of Nature whom are sometimes hard to explain

6`11 Larry Nance whose Game was SF Offensive but Defensively FC, Strength Wise almost PF and Height more like a FC

6`9 James Worthy whose Game was SF but whose Strength and Height was PF

7`4 Ralph Sampson whose Game and Body is SF trapped with a Cs Height...Result: Put him at PF

6`4 3/4 Charles Barkley whose Game Form is that of a Center-Guard trapped with a Gs Height...Result: Put him at the PF

*Best Rebounder Inch for Inch

6`11 Tom Chambers whose Game Form is that of a SG Break Wise-SF Skillwise but whose height is that of a C or CF

6`11 Sam Perkins whose game is that of a SG but whose Height is that of a CF or C and Strength tht of a PF

6`6 3/4 Dennis Rodman. Whose Game was Typically PF Wise Defensively but Capable of Guarding SFs-PFs and Cs. His Weight was SG-SF.

*Best Defender of All Time Pount for Pound/Inch Per Inch
*Best Rebounder Pount for Pound

6`10 Derrick Coleman whose game is that of G-SF but trapped in a Cs Body and with a CFs height...Result: Put him at the PF

6`9 1/2 Shawn Kemp: whose Body and Break Game is that of SG but whose Heigh and Strength are that that of PF

6`9 1/2 Chris Webber: whose Body and Height is a Typical Classic PF but whose Handles and Game Form are that of a PF

6`8 Antony MasoN: whose Body and Height is that of Typical PF but whose Handles and Game are that of G-SF

*7`0 Kevin Garnett and
**7`0 Dirk:

Last of this Kind:

*A C-SF-G Defensively Game Wise but Offensive a typical SF. Trapped with a SF Weight and Cs Height but Strongh enough to Play PF
**A SG with a C Built Height and Weight Wise. Strong Enough to Play PF


PF is the most difficult position in Basketball to Play...

Also the most difficult to qualify..because according to the book it is supposed to be just a Rebounder-Then a Shot Blocker-Then a Put Back Scorer or Close Finisher: but whose style of play has Varied the Most of Any Position Over the Years.

Reason why classifications such as

Classic PF
Running PF

Are the Most Exact

They All Are Great but Depend on What the Players that Sorround Your Team

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