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Default Re: NBA heights: Griffin's size isn't in question anymore...

Originally Posted by PleezeBelieve
Thabeet > Griffin far as the Thunder are concerned. They need an impact defensive player moreso than a offensive option...unless they trade Durant which I'm not opposed to them doing.

Impact defensive player based on what? He'll block shots, no question about it. But so does Samuel Dalembert. Who also rebounds as well. A guy who abused and owned Thabeet was the beast from Pitt D.Blair. It exposed how weak Thabeet is when he gets to the next level. His is far behind offensively.

Impact defensive player? Down the road sure there is a good chance. As a rookie? Not even. You want to argue need (center) over PF (griffin)? Fine.

But nothing at all suggests Thabeet is better than Griffin. Unless you're just some typical go against the grain, whats popular to be "different". And in that you get a boner because you went left field with an opinion and that makes you feel good. Yeah I took a stand! I said something not many would say. There is no support or justification behind what I said but the theme is I'm different, I took a stand!

I'll look forward to you spamming the board with Blake Griffin topics dissing him and neglecting to mention Thabeet next season. Kinda like you do with Durant when you were a huge Greg Oden fan. Do you even talk about Oden anymore? Of course not.
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