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Default Where did you watch the 03 lottery, a nite that forever changed NBA history

Where were you when Cleveland won the 2003 lottery? Who were you rooting for to win it? How did you feel watching Jerry West as the envelope containing the #2 pick was being opened? If you recall, the Grizz had to give their pick to Detroit UNLESS it was the #1 overall pick. This meant that West was either going to get LeBron James or he was going to get nothing. LeBron or NOTHING. Im suprised West didnt have a heart attack. How did you react when the envelpe with Detroit's logo was revealed, meaning that Cleveland had won the top pick? What were your emotions, your reactions? Did you realize at the time how significant an event that was?

For the record, I watched it in my friend's basement, while eating Domino's thin crust pizza. I was rooting for Denver to win.
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