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Default Re: No Love in Denver, No Problem

Originally Posted by Geandily
I'm sad that I was right

Nuggets will not win a championship until Karl is gone.

Atleast you said sad instead of suprised- it is almost unbearable to watch what isn't the best team possible to be put out on the floor

The lakers are playing the perfect defense against karls rotations- they will try to trick ac,jones, kmart, and birdmman to shoot or drive-make chauncey work hard by pressuring him and see if carmelo can beat you with jumpshots(he almost did)

For melo and nene to get to the line and score at the basket there has to be more than 1 shooter playing with them- jr has to play when melo, nene, and kmart are in- just too many really tall players standing in the lane

Nugs badly needed more or atleast ealier out of chauncey, jr, or both-need kleiza in this series but a kleiza playing with confidence(wich looked at an alltime low)- and need balkman to replace carter and jones in the rotation as a perimiter defender

This team could win this series


Take the names and numbers off the jerseys and karls twisted ego away and any basketball coach in the world should use that rotation- its the sqaud the nugs have

Ac is not a pg- its a wast of a player- dribbling the ball across half court is not being a pg- initiating an offense is what a pg does and the players on the nuggets that can do that are billups, carmelo, jr, and I think balkman could

I would love to see the nuggets best 8 players play this series because I think the nugs are better than the lakers but we won't see that until its too late if at all-

karl chooses not to coach the physically most dominant team in the league- instead he chooses to insert weak links in the chain when he doesn't have to?
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