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Default Re: Who should the Wiz draft?

Originally Posted by The Big Skinny
at 5th pick i say we take Arizona State SG James Harden. Although he doesn't wow us with athleticism, he is a lanky prolific scorer, who has good defensive ability and I think he could be put right in and start the season.

Off topic but I am new to this site and it says i cannot post threads....can some1 explain to me why


I think that you just need to have a certain number of posts. I didn't try to start my first thread until I'd commented maybe 75 times.

I like Harden a lot, but Derozan has been growing on me. Like, he's got a ton of upside, and he seemed to grow a lot last year, so maybe he's not quite as much of a project as he's made out to be.
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