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Default Re: Trading Ricky Rubio To Portland

Originally Posted by Interminator
Bayless has the potential to develop into an explosive combo guard that we can bring off the bench who can play either guard position.
Outlaw is a favorite of Chris Wallace, he is a good defender and maybe play a few minutes at the 4 due to his length.

#24 Pick is solid, we also have the #27 pick and if someone slips we could always trade up, if its true we plan to emulate how Portland rebuilt we may be purchasing 1st Round Picks.

#33,#36,#38 picks allow us to grab some good young prospects who may have slipped out of Round 1.

2011 1st Round Pick is down the road compensation.

We come away well in this deal, because we aren't as bad as you think, just very young and need depth more than anything.

But why the Hell would Portland do this deal?! And Travis Outlaw is the furthest thing from a good defender.
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