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Default Re: Rubio Doesn't Want To Go To Memphis or OKC?

Originally Posted by joe
He does have a choice though, to stay in Spain. The NBA isn't the only logical destination for professional basketball players anymore.

In order to come to the NBA, he has to 1) pay most of his buyout, 8 million dollars worth, and 2) play for a franchise that has continually shown an unwillingness to spend money and make the smart moves it takes to contend. So why not just live comfortably in your home country, become a millionairre, and contend for championships?

You want someone to blame? Blame the NBA for awarding the most inept franchises with lottery picks. Who's idea was it to reward the Clippers with Blake Griffin, despite their routinely bad management decisions and player personnel?
Like I said, if he doesn't like how the NBA draft process works, he can stay where he is. Number one of what you listed is true, but number 2, why does he deserve that kind of special treatment? So you feel he should be able to dictate where he goes because one team has a better agenda when it comes to winning than the other? I can't believe people are actually supporting this BS.

The draft process is the same almost everywhere. It's a balance of power. The weakest teams get the best players from the draft, and it works.

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