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Default Re: Rubio Doesn't Want To Go To Memphis or OKC?

Originally Posted by Undisputed
Like I said, if he doesn't like how the NBA draft process works, he can stay where he is. Number one of what you listed is true, but number 2, why does he deserve that kind of special treatment? So you feel he should be able to dictate where he goes because one team has a better agenda when it comes to winning than the other? I can't believe people are actually supporting this BS.

The draft process is the same almost everywhere. It's a balance of power. The weakest teams get the best players from the draft, and it works.

Explain to me how the draft process works? The same teams are in the lottery every season. Every now and then a franchise drafts a true hero, think Lebron or Dwight, and manages to escape the cellar. But other than that it's a laundry list of familiar faces; the Clippers, Bucks, Pacers, Bobcats, Golden State, Minnesota, Memphis, Sacramento. Again and again these teams are rewarded for their ineptitude, and again and again they wind up praying to the ping-pong ball gods.

In premise, the lottery system sounds stellar. You give the struggling teams a better chance at getting the next superstar, thus halting any one small group of teams to continually dominate the league. But in practice it promotes tanking, rewards mediocre GM's, and forces the best young players to spend the first 4-5 years of their career playing for the L.A. Clippers of the universe.

Ricky Rubio and Yi are only the first peel of the banana. Soon enough a foreign league will emerge that's willing to pay American rookies bigger money than the rookie scale. And when it's that or the Memphis Grizzlies, learning Spanish/Greek/French doesn't sound so bad.
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