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Default Re: Michael Beasley vs Blake Griffin

Originally Posted by HiphopRelated
On a team loaded with rookies and young players and the mission of getting to the playoffs, the rookie coach went with his veteran/team captain to help provide leadership.

Beasley's a better player than Haslem, not as consistent, but he was a rookie.

I have a question for you. Who played better defense in the Hawks series?

Neither played much...but Beasley was better. Though that says more about how limited Haslem is against extremely athletic front court players, that any defesive awaking by Beasley. Still, I will give him credit, Beasley was only player aisde from D-Wade that brought anything on offense on a consistent basis in the series. The kid does have talent, and if maturity suddenly strikes him he will be an excellent offensive player...but I suspect Blake will be much butter all round player.
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