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Default Re: Rubio Doesn't Want To Go To Memphis or OKC?

Originally Posted by MiseryCityTexas
i just think ricky rubio want a lock at a starting job compared to him competing with mike conley, and russel westbrook for playing time.

I think that if he went to the Grizzlies, they'd have to start him and trade Conley for a promising young power forward or center (good luck finding one of those). No way he goes to either team and isn't the starter by January. In fact, even if he winds up on the Wizards or the Clippers somehow I can't see him warming the bench. He's got so much potential that, for better or for worse, established guys are going to be moved to make room for him, almost in the same way that Kirk Hinrich lost his starting spot to Derrick Rose despite being a more than adequate point guard in his own right.
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