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final.wrath, where did I say other countrys doesnīt have those problems too? You seem to take it personaly when someone tells you things they donīt like the place you live in. If there was a thread "things you donīt like about...*some random country*" there would be lots of same things I donīt like about US. American ghettos are nothing compared to ghettos in Africa or some latin countrys. The thing that gets me about your ghettos etc. is the wealth of your coutry and the differnce between rich and poor. It just... wrong. You can have pride for your country without thinking everything that there is the shyt just because you were born there.

It was dumb thing to say that movie industry has been dumbed down for your audiance. Itīs really been dumbed down because of the money. I like your movies, 50% of the movies I watch are americans. It was on the list I like about your country. The variety of movies you produce is so broad that you can pick and choose the type of movies you want to see and expect quality product. Same thing with music. Thatīs not the case in lots of other countrys. But sometimes some silly shyt happens in a movie and I canīt help myself thinking "typical american bullshyt" and imaging americans giving each other highfives

You know, you are the Kobe Bryant of countrys. The star that others would love to see fail. You claim that youīre humble but your actions speak otherwise. Lots of two-faced stuff going on and itīs on the public figures that represet your country that people see every day. Thatīs just the way it is.

Iīm just commenting on what I think about your country. I really donīt have strong feelings either way.
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