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Originally Posted by Joey Zaza
I think you have to evaluate teams regardless of opponent and regardless of outcome. You can win and play poorly and you can lose playing well. I guess, once we get into the season, some teams are measuring sticks (SA, Pho, Dall), but basically, worry about yourself...
The Knicks did the following things that were bad:

1. Panicked and went one-on-one, hoisting bad shots, when things got tough in the 4th. All the things that have been bad about the knicks for 5 years were present last night.

2. They didn't run. They didn't run because the couldn't defend and when they did defend, they really didn't rebound well. All the things that have been bad about the knicks for 5 years were present last night...
I see your point for the most part but I have to disagree with these to a degree.

The Knicks ran for almost 3 quarters. Since your eyes saw things differently than mine I'll point to the 30 fastbreak points off of 13 Memphis turnovers as evidence.

They stopped running because the refs started calling the game differently mid-way thru the third. The game changed on them and they struggled to adjust properly.

Which lead to the one on one's and bad shots. The Knicks guards, much like Memphis' guards, were able to get into the lane more or less at will. The Knicks started focusing their attack on this but couldn't finish once they got a reasonably good look.
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