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Default Re: Iverson Proud Of His Former Team

Originally Posted by Mile High Crew
A.I. may have only been in Denver for a short while, but his heart was and will always be a Denver Nugget. I know his home was back in Philly, but he was a changed man in Denver he became mature and worked hard for his teammates like Melo and JR. I think that's why he still has got love for Denver.

Well, they're all still good friends so it's understandable he'd want to show support for them if not for the organization. But, it's not like he left the team on bad terms or anything, we all know that it just didn't work out the way that both sides had hoped for it to and a move had to be made, which at that time seemed like an ideal move for both he and the Nuggets organization, so really, no love lost between the two either.
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