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Originally Posted by G-train
I can see minor similarities, but overall a poor comparison. Beasley is far more athletic and a more natural scorer. I see much more potential defensively with Beasley, and you can't even mention them in the same sentence at the same age.

People need to realise that Beasley would have averaged 20 and 8 given 35 minutes a night. He is a special offensive talent.

the Heat organisation are developing him into a winning ball player, a luxury Jamison didnt get at GSW.

I don't actually disagree with you about Beasley, but I just wanted to point out that Jamison was actually pretty athletic back in the day, and would have actually been in the dunk contest the year Carter, McGrady, and Francis were in it if it weren't for an injury. Even now, he's not super athletic, but he can still get up there pretty well when he does dunk, and he's a very quick leaper.

As far as Beasley's defense, I just don't see the physical tools there for him to really be much more than adequate. Even if he had one of those hyper-intense playing styles that most great defenders have, he's always going to be shorter and less muscular than most other power forwards. I mean, can you imagine him having to check Gasol and Odom if the Heat played the Lakers in the Finals? By the way, that's actually what I liked so much about having Marion on the team next to him; Marion could guard whichever forward was going to be the best scorer, leaving Beasley to kind of coast by guarding a less aggressive scorer.
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