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Default Re: Robinson Interested in Portland

Originally Posted by BlazersDozen
You know what I just realized is that the Blazers should pick up Nate Robinson if they move Travis. They really could use his heart, intensity, attitude and toughness on the bench, in the locker room, in the weight room and in the practice facility.

The biggest thing that people have been talking about the Blazers missing last season was that tough guy outside Joel who is willing to take and ejection, fine or maybe a small suspension to pump up his team and will stick up for his team mates. Without question he would be a fan favorite here but I think we and the Blazers are overlooking the intangibles Kyrptonate could bring to this team.

But it doesn't make sense position wise for us. We are jammed packed at the G positions. It would only make sense if he was getting Outlaw's minutes at SF, but Nate obviously can't do that. Bayless will supply us with the attitude and toughness we need from a guard at least by his 3rd year, if not his 2nd.
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