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Default Re: Robinson Interested in Portland

I haven't seen Bayless show any toughness in college or his first year of the NBA besides his driving to the rim.

Nate Robinson is probably the only point guard in the NBA who KG would never try to pick on.

Thats all that is needed to be said.

Sergio is on the way out and I wouldn't be surprised to see a package deal of Bayless and Outlaw for a premiere small forward.

Even is Sergio is out, then that frees up minutes for Robinson


That second team would be the fastest most athletic bench in the NBA. They have a good perimeter defender in Bayless and a good post defender in Oden. Outlaw can jump out of the gym so he can also help rebound and block shots. Also, Outlaw would be able to stretch the defense by pulling the opponants power forward out to the perimeter and open lanes for Robinson and Bayless.

I'd like to see it and Nate has said the past two seasons that he's trying to make the team more up tempo.

I know it's not going to happen but I would be excited if it did.
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