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Default Re: A.M.G.'s Mock Draft

14. Suns - James Johnson : Haha, the Suns missed the playoffs with Shaq, Amare, Grant Hill, J-Rich, and Steve Nash on payroll. It doesn't get much more fail than that. They supposedly like Jonny Flynn to replace Nash, but I figure they don't need to do that yet, and Flynn wouldn't be an adequate replacement anyways. So I'm giving them a big athletic SF to replace the ancient and fragile Grant Hill and start ahead of Matt Barnes. They could also draft T-Will to play SF or just to allow them to trade away J-Rich's underachieving self.

Starting Lineup:
C- Shaquille O'Neal
PF- Amare Stoudamire
SF- James Johnson
SG- Jason Richardson
PG- Steve Nash

15. Pistons - B.J. Mullens : You know how I said it doesn't get much more fail than the Suns missing the playoffs? Well the Pistons managed to demonstrate how fail it can be. They fired a high quality coach who got them to the ECF the previous year, and replaced him with a former player who turned out to be a totally incompetent first-year coach. They traded away their franchise player and true PG for a ball-hogging no-position cancer, thinking that a second year combo guard could play PG. They have the oldest starting frontline in the league (probably). They signed Kwame Brown (that actually worked out OK). Oh yeah, and drafting Darko Milicic ahead of Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, David West and Josh Howard back in 2003 doesn't help the whole situation either. So now everybody is angry, Rasheed Wallace is making totally unreasonable contract demands, they have a **** coach, and it has become painfully clear that Chauncey was what made that team work (and he has now brought that to the Nuggets). They draft another Darko (or maybe a white Tyson Chandler?), but this time with the 15th instead of 2nd pick, and without all the rage:

Starting Lineup:
C- B.J. Mullens
PF- Antonio McDyess or Kwame Brown or Jason Maxiell or a free agent if they let AI walk.
SF- Tayshaun Prince
SG- Rip Hamilton
PG- Rodney Stuckey

16. Bulls - Terrence Williams : Dude has fallen far enough, and gives them insurance in case Ben Gordon buggers off. They could really use frontcourt depth or a franchise big man, but they aren't reaching on Gani Lawal or Tyler Hansbrough. If the Suns picked Jonny Flynn the Bulls would hopefully land James Johnson. Who knows if they'll keep Deng, if they don't Chase Budinger would be a nice fit as a shooter but they could probably get him later. They clearly don't need a PG at least, Rose is a stud. T-Will would be a nice backcourt running mate with Rose.

Starting Lineup:
C- Joakim Noah or Brad Miller
PF- Tyrus Thomas or Joakim Noah
SF- Luol Deng or John Salmons
SG- Terrence Williams (BG as backup)
PG- Derrick Rose

17. 76ers - Jonny Flynn : My understanding is Andre Miller won't be returning, so the Sixers land an athletic, tough and skilled (if a bit short) true PG in Flynn. Maybe not the best fit, but with 4 other starters who can't shoot threes, what difference does it make if the PG can't? They should actually look to sign Mike Bibby if the Hawks don't re-sign him.

Starting Lineup:
C- Samuel Dalembert
PF- Elton Brand
SF- Thaddeus Young
SG- Andre Iguodala
PG- Jonny Flynn

18. Timberwolves from Heat Jeff Teague : ****, I don't know what the T-Wolves need. They seem happy with their Jefferson/Love frontline, and I din't want to give them another PG, but I figure this would allow them to get rid of Sebastian Telfair entirely and use Teague as Jennings' backup.

Starting Lineup: Already done, but Teague is now Jennings' backup.

19. Hawks - Eric Maynor : God damn, the Hawks could have Chris Paul or Deron Williams at PG, but instead they have bust Marvin Williams at the good old ??? position. Not to mention that they drafted uber-bust and Candace Parker's baby-daddy Shelden Williams the year after that. Now they are in the playoffs again, despite not having CP3 or D-Will. I would like to see them draft B.J. Mullens if he's still around at this point, but instead I'll give them Maynor, a mature and talented PG to hopefully replace Bibby. I will say that I would love to see them ditch Marvin Williams and move J-Smoove back to SF, Al Horford down to PF, and find a legit-sized center who can shoot to round things out (Mehmet Okur would be a great fit, and actually Rasheed Wallace would be nice too, though not for $8 million per). but lets assume they won't do that and that they won't start Zaza at C.

Starting Lineup:
C- Al Horford
PF- Josh Smith
SF- Marvin Williams
SG- Joe Johnson
PG- Eric Maynor

20. Jazz - Austin Daye : Honestly, I think Jerry Sloan could turn him into a man. And they could ditch AK-47's mentally-deficient ass. They could also take Tyler Hansbrough or Gani Lawal here if they are going to lose Carlos Boozer. If they lose Memo, and BJ is still around, they could go that way. Sam Young is also a stud, but Daye has size on him. DaJuan Summers would also be a decent pick.

Starting Lineup:
C- Mehmet Okur
PF- Carlos Boozer or Paul Millsap
SF- Austin Daye
SG- Ronny Brewer
PG- Deron Williams

21. Hornets - Sam Young : Peja is quickly declining. Sam Young is a strong and athletic stud who gives Chris Paul a new target on the wings. I guess they could take Hansbrough or Lawal to get some frontcourt depth, but Young is the best player left available. They could start Young at SF with Butler or at SG with Posey once Peja is traded or retires.

Starting Lineup:
C- Tyson Chandler
PF- David West
SF- Peja Stojakovic
SG- Sam Young
PG- Chris Paul

22. Mavericks - Jrue Holiday : High-potential replacement when Jason Kidd turns to dust, shakes bad memories of trading away Devin Harris, blablabla, HERE'S JRUE. Let's assume they don't keep Kidd for a second.

Starting Lineup:
C- Erick Dampier or maybe Brandon Bass
PF- Dirk Nowitzki
SF- Josh Howard
SG- Antoine Wright or Jason Terry
PG- Jrue Holiday

Eewwww, that doesn't look very good. Oh well, **** the Mavs.

23. Kings - Tyler Hansbrough : There, they get a big man. Potentially could start with JT at center. Former college player of the year, productive as hell, quit complaining Kings fans. Think of him as Blake Griffin, except he can't jump very high or very gracefully. They could also take Gani Lawal

Starting Lineup:
C- Jason Thompson or Spencer Hawes
PF- Tyler Hansbrough
SF- Andres Nocioni or Francisco Garcia
SG- Kevin Martin
PG- Ricky Rubio

24. Trailblazers- Damion James : I honestly don't know what they would want or need. This is a team whose three highest-paid players don't even play for them anymore (two of them are basically out of the NBA, and D-Miles ain't far off). But I'm giving them Damion James as a role playing SF. They could use a starting calibre PG, but they aren't getting anything better than Jarryd Bayless at this point. In reality, I expect them to trade the pick or else pick a Euro that they don't expect to get for awhile.

Starting Lineup:
C- Greg Oden
PF- LaMarcus Aldridge
SF- Damion James
SG- Brandon Roy
PG- Steve Blake

25. Thunder from Spurs- Wayne Ellington : Too be used as a shooter off the bench. Thabo compliments the lineup better as a role-playing starter. They could also take Darren Collison here to backup or even start alongside Westbrook.

Starting Lineup:
C- Hasheem Thabeet
PF- Jeff Green
SF- Kevin Durant
SG- Thabo Sefolosha or Wayne Ellington
PG- Russell Westbrook

26. Bulls from Nuggets - Chase Budinger : They could VERY well take Gani Lawal here, especially if they plan to move Tyrus Thomas. But I figure if they move Deng instead, Budinger would fit in well. But who knows where the Bulls plan to go from here?

Starting Lineup:
C- Joakim Noah
PF- Tyrus Thomas
SF- Chase Budinger
SG- Terrence Williams
PG- Derrick Rose

27. Grizzlies from Magic - Gani Lawal : There, they get a decent PF. Better than using the #2 on Jordan Hill or something. Lawal would be good for them, possibly even starting quality.

Starting Lineup:
C- Marc Gasol
PF- Gani Lawal
SF- Rudy Gay
SG- James Harden
PG- O.J. Mayo

28. Timberwolves from Celtics - DaJuan Summers : They could move Mike Miller to the Bench. That's my justification. I don't give **** anymore. It's not my fault they have Randy "PG-sized-SG who we traded Brandon Roy for" Foye. And it's doubly not my fault they have Kevin Love.

Starting Lineup:
C- Al Jefferson
PF- Kevin Love
SF- DaJuan Summers
SG- Randy Foye
PG- Brandon Jennings

29. Lakers - Darren Collison : They throw the UCLA kid a bone, and he could be a good back-up for Shannon Brown down the road. They could also take Josh Heytvelt here as Andrew Bynum's backup of the future. They should totally ditch Derek Fisher, he sucks now. I assume they are going to lose Odom to free agency, otherwise I might put him at SF despite his being more of a PF.

Starting Lineup:
C- Andrew Bynum
PF- Pau Gasol
SF- Trevor Ariza
SG- Kobe Bryant
PG- Shannon Brown backed up by Darren Collison

30. Cavaliers - Danny Green : Would fit in nicely at SG between Lebron and Mo Williams. They could also take Marcus Thornton for the same reason. But Danny just won a chip.

Starting Lineup:
C- Zydrunas Ilgauskas
PF- Ben Wallace or Anderson Varejao
SF- Lebron James
SG- Danny Green
PG- Mo Williams

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