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Default Re: Most 2009 NBA draft prospects are scrubs...

Originally Posted by beasted86
STFU and play your position...

He got absolutely BULLIED by DeJuan Blair... someone with an NBA like build: solid-burly build with a low center of gravity. When he gets to the NBA and sees more players built like that, you'll see his real worth. He's nothing but a Chandler type... slim athletic block & rebound machine. But unless he gets on the Dwight Howard regimen when he gets to the NBA and puts on a good 40 lbs. he will never be better than Chandler.
HAHAHAHA. You pick 2 games out of the 35 he played and shove it to people as the truth. Blair was a bad matchup as he was to everyone, he ate everyone up. This is like a person saying about X player "he is a bad defender because Kobe dropped 40 on him", which was expected. Keep in mind Thabeet has only been playing basketball since 15... lots of room to grow. Now, I will say Thabeet is a pansy around the rim but once he decides to dunk the ball he is very capable of averaging a double double with 3-4 blocks.
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