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Default Re: May 25: Lakers @ Nuggets, Game 4 (Round 3)

We need Fisher, Bynum and Odom to play well in game 5. I like what I saw from Andrew in game 4 in the 4th, he was aggressive and really looked good against Denver's bigs. Give him a chance; Fisher just needs to find his shot (easier said then done) but the guy is constantly open. And Odom just needs to wake up, he has been awful on both ends. No effort on the glass, poor awareness defensively, doesn't look to pass when he penetrates inside; just terrible.

As bad as we've played, I cant believe it's not 3-1 or 4-0. That's the bright side. I hope LA realizes that if they beat Denver they got HCA against Orlando (good chance of it happening now) and they wanted HCA all season long.

So hopefully this encourages them; the title is within reach. Lets see if they're willing to reach out and take it.

Because Denver won't just let them touch it, LA will need to TAKE it from them.
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