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Default Re: What would have to happen for Portland to get the 2011 All-Star Game?

In the past (1990s) it has been suggested that a dislike for Paul Allen by Commissioner Stern and his office developed. Apparently this relates to how Allen had a blatant disregard for the concept of the salary cap in his early years as owner of the Blazers. That, obviously, is not currently the case (although we shall see what happens with the need to sign Roy and Aldridge to new contracts before October). If that is the case, perhaps those feelings have changed and Portland may have a chance to host the ASG. I believe teams actually have to request to be the host. I am not aware that Allen has done that in recent years.

Personally, although it would be good for the metro area economy, I could care less if Portland hosts the ASG. It is basically an offensive extravaganza with the concept of defense lost on the participants.
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