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Default Re: Thunder Likely To Select James Harden At #3

Originally Posted by Valliant13
The 3rd pick seems too high for him, but he's a perfect backcourt mate for Westbrook: someone who can take over a lot of the ballhandling and play making duties. If he measures out at close to a legit 6'5 with good length (though I personal expect 6'3 1/2-6'4 is more likely) with improved athleticism now that he's dropped the baby I would fully endorse it. Otherwise I'd trade down and take him him with the 5-7th pick and maybe get solid backup big in the process.

No matter what he's a great, unselfish, character guy that naturally has the mentality of a complimentary he makes a near ideal 3rd option glue guy on a team like Oklahoma.

Jesus, if they can pick up a legit big that can play in the post they could be a very scary team soon.

The measurements are in, he's 6'4 barefoot with a 6'10 wingspan.
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