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Default Re: A.M.G.'s Mock Draft

I said at the beginning of the thing that most of these are picks I would like to see happen, not what i think will happen in reality.

No, I don't think most of these rookies will actually be starting.

No, I don't really think DeRozan is likely to fall to the 9th pick, he will probably up his stock in workouts. The Raps will probably have to take Tyreke Evans, Earl Clark, or maybe Terrence Williams.

Yes, I want James Harden on Memphis, he would be the perfect role player/3rd option with OJ at PG. The Grizz could probably pick Rubio and trade down with the Kings or whatever team picks Harden, maybe get Jason Thompson or like Ike Diogu and Francisco Garcia along with Harden. The Kings could really use Rubio.
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