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Originally Posted by Carbine
Pujols over Howard? There is a debate in that situation. I'd give it to Howard because he absoulutly did everything he could to put the Phillies in the playoffs.

Came up short, but this is an individual award & as far as I'm concenred Howard did more for his team than Pujols did for his.

Pujols 143gms 119R 177H 49HR 137RBI .331BA .431OBP .671Sg%
Howard 159gms 104R 182H 58HR 149RBI .313BA .425OBP .659Slg%

Albert in 16 less games trails Ryan in hits (5), HR's (9) and RBI (12). Safe to say if he played those 16 games he would lead Ryan Howard in every statistical category. Also Albert leads Ryan Howard in VORP. VORP stats. And has had a better glove than Ryan Howard. Wouldnt be surprised if he is responsible for more game winning hits/hr's than Howard this season as well.
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