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Originally Posted by Ricardo Tubbs
It has to go to Ryan Howard. His hitting stats were right there with Pujols's, and his HR and RBI numbers are much higher. If Pujols had played the same amount, perhaps his would be just as high, but he didn't and they aren't.

Not to mention that the Phillies actually won more games than the Cardinals.

So Ryan has more HR's/RBI's therefore he should win the MVP?

Ryan Howard also had more RBI Oppurtunities as well.

Phillies won more games? Noooooo way! Now show me how the "wins" were a direct result to Ryan Howard's stats. How many wins is Ryan responsible for?

Pujols is clearly the MVP in the NL. The numbers dont lie and support him all the way. The only thing stopping some from buying it is the perception fans have of the MVP award. When they look to see who is the winner they run right to HR's & RBI's then look at team success and from there form a conclusion to who is the MVP. Ryan Howard gained attention by the media because he was smacking HR's. Pujols hit 9 fewer and the day Ryan hit 3 in 1 game Pujols did as well. You ignore the 16gms more Ryan played but the matter when you are praising the HR & RBI stat. Very weak argument.
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