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Originally Posted by Carbine
Nonetheless, it's not an open & shut case.

Ryan Howard was cash in the last two months of the season, when the Phillies were making that push. Baseball, more than any other "team" sport, is more individual. I don't hold the Phillies playoff absence against him, and I don't give an edge to Pujols just because his team made it.

Howards stats for the last two months.


14 HR
.348 BA
41 RBI
1.214 OPS
.464 OBP


.387 BA
20 RBI
.561 OBP
1.324 OPS

Howard was there when it mattered. He came up huge again & again.

Pujols last two months combined:

.341 BA
49 RBI
15 HR
.422 OBP
1.045 OPS

I donno man, it's just not "no debate" as far as Pujols/Howard is concerned. Aside from the BA Albert didn't play particularly well when it mattered, while Howard shined brighter than ever.

I'm just sayin there is an argument. That's all.

MLB is longer than 2 months. Ryan Howard was hot the lasdt 2 months so that wins him MVP????

do you mean Albert didnt play particulary well when it mattered? Explain in DETAIL that remark. Tell me "when it mattered" and show me how Albert didnt come to play. And what different it makes playing "when it matters" vs "when it doesnt matter". You're gonna need to break it down besides throwing out statement that sound cute to boost up Ryan Howard's end.

Howard shined brighter than ever? By hitting HR's? Are you kidding me? You want a WOW with that? Ryan Howard had 181 Strikeouts vs Pujols 50. Albert hit 49HR's and only struck out 50 times. Think about how ridiculous that ratio is and where it ranks in the games history.

Its a no debate case when fans with the warped "who should win MVP" crowd is excluded. But hey, Howard has a hot last 2 months and somehow the wins were a direct result of his hitting and no one elses. So he hit more HR's and RBI's even tho he played 16 more games and wasnt far ahead of Pujols. But thats irrelevant...he hit more, drove in more and Phillies won more than St. Ryuan wins MVP!

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