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Howard shined brighter than ever? By hitting HR's?

Take a closer look at those stats. He upped his BA tremendously, really stepped that part of his game up. He hit HR's obviously, but he drove in runs, dominated the OBP category & OPS, two major stats.

Pujols didn't play particularly well the last two months. You know, just average. You know as well as I do that how you play late vs how you play during any other time in the year is a big difference. You play awesome for the first half but play average the last half? Voters will respect your numbers. You play above average the first half and really put up some great numbers and impact your team the last half? That gets the attention of people. Is it right? Not up to me to decide that, but it's the way it is.

I never said Pujols never came to play, rather his play wasn't that of the MVP in the late going on most nights. He wasn't playing at the level Howard was for those last two months. Agian, that brings up the whole thing about it's how you finish, not how you start. Not only did Pujols play average the last few months, his team went something like 27-36. Voters notice this kinda stuff.

But hey, Howard has a hot last 2 months and somehow the wins were a direct result of his hitting

You're assuming I think this. Ryans great hitting was the main reason his team got on a roll, but not the only one. Obviously you need pitching, good defense, and so on.. but the one thing they couldn't deal without was probably Howards' stellar play.
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